Client Stories - box

Moving a brand from a feature focused to audience focused conversation.

Box makes tools that allow us to collaborate across the globe, encoding compliance, culture and efficient work process into a digital product. The workplace the Box tools enable is amazing but the audience wasn’t hearing the message.

To gain awareness, Box had significant content and publishing needs. We worked together to evolve B2B content’s potential and move from “number of content pieces” to a systems approach to talking about ideas.

Our new system for messaging ideas instead of features launched as a magazine about the future of work. The publication focused on ideas about the modern workplace which our audience was already concerned about. It fed the social and sales teams fresh angles to discuss.


Only write about ideas we’d all love to read about and are authentic to the mission and product. That’s a high bar that requires a focus on the conversation instead of the form factor or number of content pieces.


Owning an idea: Box invested in work to grow the bottom line.

Once we had our conversations mapped, we constructed a workflow to output 6-10 new stories a week—utilized by the sales team, social team and cross-pollinated with media appearances. We measured content success, and refined our research to make content even more engaging. And more than just a series of one-off pieces of content, the publication built a body of work that was an asset in its own right.

We engaged a range of authors and micro-influencers to spread the word. The result was that we quickly became interesting and go-to source; the audience was coming to us.