Client stories — Leading Cloud Services Provider

Turn a revolutionary product into an inspired vision that inspires enterprise leaders.

The cloud looks great from a distance – but risk-averse, prudent executives need viable reasons to let go of their legacy investment and pave the way for an opportunity-rich future.

We partnered with our client to craft a C-level narrative that makes the cloud tangible, credible and highly- attractive, developing a common language with the audience.

We processed all the complexity to tell a simple, compelling story that focused on a shared world view instead of just highly technical features.


Translate genius engineering and brilliant executive vision, telling clear, understandable, relatable stories.



Always a beginning, middle and end.

We developed a highly distilled, simplified visual language for graphics and diagrams, opting for evocative imagery that anyone could understand. We shaped our ideas into narratives, creating keynotes, collateral and content that re-stage key moments (like trade events that attract thousand of attendees and intense media focus) into genuine connections.