Client Stories - Red Bull

Use creative messaging to uncover a movement (hidden in data).


It’s hard to know which message is driving consumers and what gets your audience excited to turn up and engage with your brand.

We used a low-cost high-scalable approach to invite consumers to IRL events using different incentives to measure which yielded the most action and what drove excitement.

Once we better understood the messages that crushed, scaling the investment made sense. Results were high-impact, low-cost events that turned out a new type of audience, drove referrals and unexpected ROI.


Connect with influential Formula One racing fans and get better insights and actionable data to improve the ROI on sampling events.



Social Media insight tools and in-market testing

We utilized social media insight tools and in-market testing to generate demand and develop and execute a low-cost, high-impact event program. For fans that expressed interest and fit the audience profile, we invited them to a secret viewing party at a local pub. The top promoters scored VIP perks for their friends