Client stories — Simons Foundation

Transforming the humble lab notebook into the manifestation of a world-changing brand

The Education and Outreach division of Simons Foundation tasks itself with unlocking scientific thinking in all humans through grant making. We partnered to create a brand system that unlocked the potential of every organization that inquired, applied or interacted with the Foundation.

We build a brand system that evolved over time and was useful to anyone that approached the brand for funding or help. Beyond a visual system and messaging framework, the brand took shape as a piece of very tactile collateral that provided utility to anyone who came across it.

We created a lab notebook that gave applicants a space to focus their approach, demonstrated a different way of seeing the world and signaled a new, transparent way of doing business in the non-profit space.


Help humanity realize that locked within each of us are critical thinking and science skills beyond what they ever imagined.



Make something useful, inspiring and worthwhile

The notebook became a vehicle for communicating the vision and a means of engagement. The brand was encoded in every use. Together, we created a system allowed anyone in the organization to clearly communicate the vision and improved our audience’s experience and ability to deliver on an ambitious mission.